CUSTOM FORMULATION. We help our customers make their own products. If you have an idea for a custom skin care product, like cleansers, exfoliators, moisturisers, wrinkle treatments, or any other product you can think of, our team of qualified chemists can make a formulation that meets your needs.

We can adapt one of our many base formulations to meet your needs, or we can start from scratch and build your formula from scratch, depending on what you need. These decisions are all based on your needs, vision, and budget when it comes to making your product. In the case that you want to buy a product that isn’t in our current line, we can break down the formulation to make a product for your line that has the same features. It will be our job to help you make the product that you need for your target market come to life. It will help you choose the best formulations, packaging, and design for your brand so that you can be successful in the skincare market. If you want to make your own custom formula, you should do some research to make sure it’s possible.

Our goal is to meet your needs as best as we can. Knowing basic concepts and what you want your product to do will help us achieve these goals more effectively and economically. Have an idea for a custom formula and are ready to put in a request for product development? click here to start filling out our form for new products. Our manufacturing facility uses the most up-to-date technology and the best equipment to make your skincare products. We have ISO 22716 certification, are registered with the FDA, and all of our manufacturing is done in a GMP-compliant plant.
You can learn more about Private Labelling Stock Formulations or Making Your Own Custom Formulations. You can also reach out to our team for more information, too.

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Sometimes, new rules can make it hard to be successful. In the cosmetics industry, there can be a lot of red tape and regulations. Cosmetic Solutions is here to help you get through it. We know how to do global control in most countries, and we can help you register your product in any way you need.


CUSTOM FORMULATION. Our company wants to make all of our products in India. Our headquarters are in Delhi, which is a beautiful city with a lot of trees. Our manufacturing facilities are filled with the most up-to-date machines that are used to make a wide range of products for the market. We have been approved by GMP, USDA, and ISO, so we can make sure that our food is safe. We follow the highest quality standards when we make, mix, and package our products. We do a lot of quality control tests to make sure our products meet our standards for efficiency and purity. We test products all the time and in a very systematic way during the development and formulation stages. Bo International wants to make products that aren’t harmful to animals. We don’t put our products on animals to see if they are safe for people.


Our manufacturing plant uses cutting-edge equipment to make sure that our customers get the best products when they order small and large quantities. For running a smooth operation, our group has a group of chemists and doctors who are very knowledgeable and dedicated. Our formulas are mixed in futuristic stainless steel mixers that can do both cold and hot mixing and can handle a wide range of viscosities, formulations, and particle sizes. Every single one of our product lines has automatic and semi-automatic fillers, sealers, and caps. Our mixed formulas are made on our bottle, jar, or tube lines. They are made on these lines.
Products that are put in our bottle and jar lines are filled well and capped. Products that are put in our tube lines are filled and sealed with heated and ultrasonic equipment. To help with the labelling process, we use a wide range of labellers. After they are tagged, they are coded with help from inkjet and laser coders that are very good. Then, sealing equipment is used to make sure the products are tightly sealed and shrink wrapped before they are sent to shipping.
Our team wants to give you a consistent and cutting-edge manufacturing facility, as well as the best products made with the most efficiency and quality possible. Our well-trained and well-educated manufacturing team can help you build a line of skincare products that will work. They can show you how to do it.
Get more information about our manufacturing facility and what we can do. It would be great if you could get in touch with us for more information.

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We can handle a lot of different things when it comes to shipping and receiving. We send packages of all sizes across the country and around the world every day. We can help you with regulatory compliance and the paperwork you need to do. We have a weather-controlled warehouse that we can use to help clients with warehousing if they need it.


Our receiving process follows a set of rules for each new item that comes in. Each raw material, sample, and packaging is checked, processed, and organised in the correct way. We use a very strict system to make sure that every item is received and registered correctly, so that we can keep track of everything. We have a separate area where all of our incoming freight is quickly categorised and sorted to make distribution easier and to keep things safe from being lost or damaged.


If it’s needed, we can also help active clients store their goods with help from weather-controlled and standard storage options. Raw materials, packaging, and labels are just a few of the things we have in stock in our warehouse.
If there are any stored items with us that have been registered in our inventory system, we can take care of them and keep track of them.


Our goal is to make sure that your orders are delivered on time as soon as possible. We try to meet your shipping needs, no matter how long it takes us to get in touch with you. We ship a lot of different things every day, from small packages to large international containers. We often work with Bluedart, IndiaPost, Professional Courier Services, and so on. In order to make sure that we use the carrier that our clients want, we also work with freight forwarders. All types of shipping are closely watched by our shipping manager and go through a final quality check to make sure our packages are ready to go.


PALMIST has been researching, and they have been called experts in research and development. Our futuristic in-house lab and expert chemists give us a lot of power to research new and complete skincare products. Our very talented and well-trained chemists will work with you to make efficient formulations and profitable products that meet the needs of your customers. Our lab team works hard during the R&D process to make sure your private label products stay stable, safe, and long-lasting. When you choosePALMIST, our high-tech lab and well-trained staff will become important parts of your business.


Our skilled chemists work in a state-of-the-art on-site lab. We do a lot of our research and development on-site, and we try to cut down on the time it takes to get our products on the shelves and the time it takes to make them. This is how our development team does research: They use a lot of new and trusted tools to do it. We use a lot of certified online and academic sources, as well as clinical sources, to help us. We share information on raw material technical data, material safety data sheets, and clinical data with our vendors and with the labs they work with. We get a lot of scientific information about our raw materials and how they can help us improve and expand our product lines and formulations. Each step in the development process is given a lab number so that it can be tested over and over again to see how different activities and ingredients work together. Samples are usually sent to customer focus groups for review, which leads to the best products, the most secure formulations, and the lowest prices.


Over the last years, we’ve made a lot of natural skincare products for our customers to use. Our chemists and lab team have a lot of experience and know-how, so they can make a wide range of formulations for you. A lot of different kinds of products are available for your skin. They can be used on your face and body. They can also be used on your hair, body, and face. A lot of different things: Cleansing and moisturising, toning, anti-oxidants, anti-aging, eye creams, pigment correcting, lash growth, lip balms, men’s line, spa line, and a whole lot more.


We want to make sure that our products are both effective and safe for our customers and for the people who buy them. Our strict testing and quality control rules allow us to offer the best services. When we make and develop our products, we test them. We also test them during the filling stage, to make sure we get a stable and consistent result. With state-of-the-art machines, we test each of our products to make sure they are high-quality.

We have looked over the testing process to make sure that only high-quality products will be made available in the current market. If you want to learn more about research and development, you can go to PALMIST SKIN CARE. Reach out to our team to learn more.