PRIVATE LABEL ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER MANUFACTURER. Activated Charcoal Powder is a one-stop store for all of your requirements. This is a product that cleans your skin and whitens your yellow teeth at the same time. Due to its numerous advantages, it has the potential to become a significant part of your everyday routine.

Key Ingredients ; The major ingredients in this product are activated charcoal powder and coconut powder. These substances are all natural and safe to use on a regular basis. They don’t contain any dangerous substances. These components are well-known for their ability to purify one’s well-being.

Why it is beneficial for you ; This powder has the miraculous properties of activated charcoal, which will astound you. It clears your skin of blackheads, dirt, and pollution residue. This powder can be used to detoxify the skin and the entire body. It provides you strong, healthy teeth that you can be proud of. It is a food-grade product with small particles and a smooth consistency that may be combined into drinks or used to make homemade face masks.

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