PRIVATE LABEL ANTI FATIGUE MOISTURISER MANUFACTURER. As the name implies, this moisturiser aids in the prevention of indications of exhaustion and lethargy on the skin. It rejuvenates and rejuvenates your skin. It’s exactly what you’ll need to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Invest in the Anti-Fatigue Moisturiser to round out your beauty collection.

Key Ingredients: Wild-berry antioxidant complex and hydra-glycerin are the major constituents in this product. It’s paraben and sulphate-free. Because we believe in cruelty-free practices, we never test our products on animals. There are no hazardous substances in it. 

Why it is beneficial for you: This moisturiser removes all indications of tiredness and sluggishness from your skin. It makes your dry skin elastic and silky. It restores hydration to parched skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It makes your skin look younger. It gives the skin a healthy radiance. It revitalises and refreshes tired skin.

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