PRIVATE LABEL COCONUT BODY LOTION MANUFACTURER. Regardless of the season, our skin requires intensive treatment and conditioning. And you’ll need this body lotion with coconut milk and orchid extracts if you want dramatically smoother and softer skin. Your daily skincare routine is completed with Coconut Milk and Orchid Body Lotion.

 Key Ingredients ; Glycerin, Coconut Fruit Extract, and Orchid Flower Extract are the major constituents in this product. It’s perfectly safe and healthful to use on a regular basis. It is free of parabens and other potentially hazardous substances. It has not been subjected to animal testing.

Why it is beneficial for you: Coconut Milk and Orchid Body Lotion moisturises dry skin and makes it soft. It revitalises and radiances dull skin. What’s more, this body lotion is excellent for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It intensely moisturises and nourishes your skin. It keeps your skin looking young and fresh all day.

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