PRIVATE LABEL ORGANIC NEEM OIL MANUFACTURER. Organic Neem Oil’s antifungal characteristics will help to purify your skin and hair. It nourishes both your hair and your skin. This is a comprehensive tonic that looks after your physical health. It’s made with natural elements that are both safe and good for your skin.

Key Ingredients; Neem Oil is the one and only key ingredient in this product. This is a chemical-free, paraben-free, colour-free, fragrance-free, and sulphate-free cold-pressed oil. It’s appropriate for all hair types. 

Why it is beneficial for you ; This wonderful oil improves your scalp’s health while also adjusting the pH level. It inhibits the growth of dandruff. It conditions the frizzy mane deeply. It gives drab skin suppleness and smoothness. It makes the skin soft and luminous. It works to get rid of head lice and nits. It’s also an effective mosquito repellent.

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