PRIVATE LABEL SUNSCREEN MANUFACTURER. To avoid sun damage, get long-lasting sun protection with a broad spectrum of SPF. This is a light-weight composition that protects your skin from sunburn, sunstroke, tanning, dark spots, and other harmful effects of the sun. It’s made for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients ; Pure Moroccan argan oil, aloe vera extract, liquorice extract, vitamin E, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide make up this product. It is both harmless and beneficial to your skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It’s perfect for everyday use before going out in the sun.

Why it is beneficial for you ; This formula is non-greasy, non-oily, and non-sticky, and it absorbs quickly into the skin. It shields you from the sun’s harmful UV radiation to the fullest extent possible. It softens and smoothes your skin. It improves the suppleness and radiance of your skin. It rejuvenates your skin. It also effectively addresses ageing symptoms and pigmentation concerns.  

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